Monday, August 15, 2016

Sparkle night- thanks for coming!

It was great seeing several of you at Sparkle Spirit night last week!  We had never been to Sparkle before and my own kids had a great time!  Thanks for supporting King Springs!

Spelling and Vocabulary- Aug. 15-19

Friday, August 5, 2016

Spelling and Vocab Words, Aug. 8-12

Words with the prefix -UN and -DIS

-un: not; opposite
-dis: do the opposite of; not

1.unfriendly 9. disagree
2.unfair 10. disable
3.unabridged 11. disappear
4.uncertain 12. disclose
5.unhappy 13. disconnect
6.unlike 14. dislike
7.unequal 15. dishonest
8.unusual 16. disobey

Hint: Prefixes: First, find the prefix and the base word. Then spell the words by part to help with your spelling!

1.convince- v. Cause someone to believe firmly in something
2.gust- v. A brief, strong burst of wind
3.pace- v. Walk at a steady or consistent speed
4.sneer n. A mocking smile, remark, or tone
5.absorb v. Take in or soak up

Thursday, August 4, 2016

House System

Show Your P.R.I.D.E – House System
This year King Springs will be implementing a positive behavior plan using the “House System”. Students will be in one of the five houses: Yangxing (positivity), Integridad (integrity), Mahalo (respect), Studium (enthusiasm), or Fidelis (dependable). The House System is vertical meaning that a fifth grader and a first grader can be in the same house. Students can earn points for their house for academics, behavior, athletics, attendance, manners, etc. The points will be tallied and the winning house will be rewarded monthly and quarterly. For more information about the House System, please refer to the KSE website.
               In addition to the House System, there will also be a school-wide disciplinary system that will document inappropriate behaviors. The inappropriate behavior will be documented on a behavior slip that is aligned directly to the standards-based report card. The behavior slips will be used not only in the classroom, but also in specials, the cafeteria, and other places throughout the building. The amount of behavior slips will determine your child’s conduct grades on the quarterly report card.
The guidelines are as follows:
5 or less behavior slips= S
6-9 behavior slips and/or 1 office referral =P (K-3)/ NI (4-5),
10 or more and/or 2 or more office referrals= N (K-3)/ U (4-5).
Specialists guidelines are as follows:
0-3 behavior slips = S
4-6 slips and/or 1 office referral = P/NI
7+ slips and/or 2 or more office referrals = N/U.

This system will replace classroom clip systems. Remember, “No news is good news.” More information will be provided during Open House. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tomorrow is the big day!  Students will find out which house they belong to!

Spelling words for the week- Aug. 1-5

1.pleasant      9. excitable
2.servant       10. portable
3.assistant     11. preventable
4.important   12. lovable
5.resistant     13. honorable
6.distant        14. adaptable
7.participant  15. agreeable
8.habitant      16. approachable

Our words this week have suffixes: -ant and –able

-able: Is or can be/ able to be
-ant: A person who/ inclined to/ tending to

Suffix: The part added to the end of the base word. It can change the meaning or part of speech of the word

Vocabulary words for the week- Aug. 1-5

 1.abandon- v. To give up completely.
2.conversation- v. The exchange of ideas by spoken words
3.sly- adj. Having or showing a deceitful or cunning nature
4.cooperate- v. To act jointly; work together
5.gulp- v. To swallow

Students are using the words in class this week during several activities.  There will be a quiz on Friday.
Students used the 1st letter of their 1st name to create personalized art.  Each section represents something about them...favorite color, family, birthday, favorite hobby, sport.....

Each day on our calendar represents a holiday or something important in history.